How to Buy MTN Data: Exploring the Different Options

One needs to have an active data plan to be able to access the internet either on the tablet, PC or mobile phone, however finding the best means to purchase or activate data packages from telecommunication companies, for example, MTN has been one of the most frequent questions asked by individuals every day, subsequently leaving us with one choice, i.e. developing a guide on how to buy MTN data.

There are a few means made accessible by telecommunication companies, for example, MTN to help their clients effectively purchase internet data, all you need to start is to buy an airtime with a similar amount as the cost of the data package you want to purchase and the gadget that you wish to browse the internet with.

  1. Purchasing MTN Data Plans through SMS

Data bundles on MTN are assigned specific code strings. You can buy MTN data bundles by sending a text message containing the code string assigned to the bundle you want to purchase to 131. For example, sending 102 in an SMS to 131.

  1. Purchasing MTN Data Plans by through USSD

This is common as utilizing the USSD removes the stress of going through SMS to buy any MTN plan. There are two methods to this.

One can get the direct string to any data bundle and dial it on your gadget to buy the bundle. For example, dialing *131*1*5*1# would naturally subscribe you to the MTN Night plan worth N2500.

There are times you may not know the direct string to purchase any data bundle you can just dial *131# on your cell phone, then reply with the different alternatives made accessible until the point you select the plan of your choice.

You know how to buy MTN data now, you can view the different MTN data bundles on the website and discover which best suits your necessities before you buy.